India’s rice export to Singapore had reached a new height. It had risen to 29.5% last year from 15.3% in 2009.

Before India Thailand was the supply leader of rice to Singapore since it has been accounting for over half of the total rice consumption of the city state between 1998 and 2011.

But its market share fell to 35.3% last year while supplies from India and other countries have increased.

Low price of Indian Rice are the major factor for increase in Indian rice export to the Singapore said trade and industry ministry spokesman.

The Singapore General Rice Importers Association said “the shift in sourcing rice started when global rice prices began surging in 2008”.

Other countries of the world has also control their rice export so that they can ensure sufficient domestic supplies while Thai crops have been hit by massive floods in the past.

Other rice suppliers to Singapore include Myanmar (2.5%), Pakistan (2.4%), the United States (2.2%), Cambodia (0.9%) and Australia (0.6%) as well as others (0.7%).