According to Press Release by Ministry of Agriculture, Indian government has an adequate stock of seeds including that of rice for the current Kharif season (June-December 2015).

Following the Conference of all states Agriculture Ministers on 20-21 January, all the State’s Agriculture Department state that they have about 1.4 million tons of seeds against the actual requirement of 1.37 million tons.

Department of Agriculture would provide assistance to all the State Agriculture Department under “Submission of Seed and Planting Material” and would require the entire state department to submit their annual action plan for 2015-16 by mid march.

All the state departments were also asked to use quality seeds for better productivity of rice and other cereal crop and to create awareness among farmers for their rights and existing legislation which would benefit them.

USDA estimates India’s 2014-15(October-September) production at around 102 million tons down by about 4% from estimated 106.54 million tons in 2013-14.It estimates India’s rice export down by 16% year on year to around 8.7 million tons in MY 2014-15.