Iran had issued a tender for the purchase of 30,000MT of rice which closed on June 28.In the bid, Indian origin was offered lowest prices of $431.50 a tone c&f free out for rice .

European traders told the sources that no purchase was believed to have been in the tender and the tender has been extended to July 2, 2015.

The rice can be purchased from following countries with the following prices for per tone c&f free out:

Country Prices per tones C & F free out
Uruguay $632
Argentina $620.50
Brazil $603
United State $589.50
India $431.50

Volumes in Iraq’s tenders are nominal and it frequently buys more than it tenders for.

In its past tender on May 7 to purchase 30,000MT of rice, Iraq has cancelled the bid and made no purchase as the prices bidder offered were regarded as so high