Rice export to Iran has decreased till 55,210 tons in March 2014, where as these around 130,000 tons in January 2014, because of quality restrictions by Middle East according to AIREA.

Indian`s commerce ministry quoted this that Iran has been looking for series of documents since the year 2014.


Iranian wants that Indian exporters should go through tough quality tests from different agencies like (GAP), ISO 22000 etc.

Commerce industry officials have confirmed that Indian exporters are ready to face any tough quality tests and will not shirk from it.

During March 2014, Iran has revised the acceptance level of basmati rice from 150 parts per million to 120 ppm and wanted Indian exporters to specify the level of arsenic on each pack for identification.

Now Indians are ready to face the quality challenge but the delay is from different global agencies to make the quality approved for the export to Iran.

They also want to have a single window clearance for all the quality levels, as it can be irksome to go to different windows and manage the things. India has initiated a up a rupee agreement instrument with Iran from April 2012 to save themselves from the west acceptance. 

India exported around 4 million tons of basmati rice in FY 2013-14 (April – March), which was14 percent more from the last FY. India’s total rice exports which posses both basmati and non basmati is around 10.5 million tons in FY 2013-14, was nearly 3 percent more than the previous year according to data from AIREA.