According the USDA, in January 2013 Indian rice exports declined 22% from 1.1 million tons in December 2012 to only 864,000 tons. The reason for decrease is due to decreased demand for non-basmati rice and relatively sturdy domestic prices as compared to December 2012.

 Till December 2012 the exports of non basmati rice were reported to around 809,000 tons, which reduced by 33% in January 2013 and stood at around 544,000 tons. However basmati rice exports were fitter and reached around 320,000 tons in January 2013 which is up by 11% from 287,000 tons exported in December 2012.

 The rice prices have risen because of 16% increase in the minimum support price of paddy this year, whereas the domestic prices are at 12% higher than last year. The other reason for the drop in the rice exports is due to strong competition from Vietnam, Myanmar and Pakistan.