Rice is likely to cost more in Telangana stateAs per local sources, it has been reported that there is a drastic fall in food grain production in this year and Telangana state could not achieve not even 50 per cent of its target. It has been revealed that the estimated food grain production in the state for the 2015-16 seasons, which will end this month, is around 48.63 lakh tonnes. This is the second consecutive year that the state is falling short of its food grain target and it is likely to affect the price of rice in the open market too.

Further, the target of food grain production set by the agriculture department for 2015-16 is 110 lakh tonnes. However, the production will be just around 48.63 lakh tonnes, as reported in the latest estimates of production of food grains, oilseeds and other crops for the year prepared by the Directorate of Economics and Statistics (DES). According to the data of DES estimate, the total food grains, the rice production will be around 16.21 lakh tonnes. In this regard, it has been observed that the fall in production of food grains has been constant in the state for the last three years which is mainly because of the drought conditions and lack of irrigation water.shanti Agro Ad

According to the  officials estimate it has been indicated  that the production of food grains would be 49.35 lakh tonnes in 2015-16, and  the estimate has now been scaled down to 48.62 lakh tonnes. This is against the production of food grains of 72.2 lakh tonnes in 2014-15. Further, the price of rice in the open market in the last three years has gone up Rs 30 to  40 a kilo. Moreover, as there is going to be shortage of rice this year too, the prices of rice in the open market are likely to increase further, as per sources.