Paddy purchase in srilankaAccording to a statement issued by the Minister Mr. P. Harrison in Sri Lanka that Paddy purchasing and Marketing is being carried out in a more transparent manner. The decisions relating to this issue is being taken by a ministerial subcommittee and a cost of living ministerial subcommittee headed by the Prime Minister. The Minister was addressing a media briefing in Colombo today and he revealed that the government has purchased 335,000 metric tons of paddy during the previous Yala and Maha seasons. This is the largest quantity of paddy ever purchased in the history of Sri Lanka. The PMB has paid 15.43 billion rupees to the farmers in this regard. A kilo of samba rice was purchased for 50 rupees and a kilo of Nadu rice for 45 rupees only.

Further, in this regard , it was informed that due to the government’s practice of providingshanti Agro Ad the highest price for paddy to the farmers, it has been possible to maintain the purchasing prices for paddy in the private sector also at the highest level. Furthermore, it was added that 200,000 metric tons of this harvest has not yet been sold and the majority of the stocks are of the Nadu paddy variety. However, the government hopes to sell a kilo of Nadu paddy for 32 rupees and 50 cents. It has been reported that around 80 paddy mills have come forward to purchase the stocks. The Minister Mr Harrison also added that meanwhile, measures are also underway to convert the paddy into rice and distribute among Samurdhi beneficiaries. Attention has also been focused to handover rice stocks to the government institutions and hospitals as well. Now, the purchasing of the Paddy harvest of the Maha season is scheduled to commence from next week and this paddy buying process is expected to commence in the Batticaloa and Ampara districts.