Rice PlantingAs per latest information available, it has been reported that the delegate of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development and Fisheries, Carlos Salazar Preciado revealed that that water shortages during this rain storm has caused impairment in maize and rice. Further, it has been revealed that on one hand the crops have not yet finished planting for lack of moisture and also due to lack of moisture in the soil causes the plants will be uneven and pests immediately align to harm the plant. In this context, Mr Salazar Preciado explained that producers expect the season to sow be regularized because they are still in time to get the harvest.

India Queen Basmati Rice by Bharat Industry Pvt Ltd.Furthermore, it has been narrated that August has always been a dry month, and that change us dry July and August for a good rainfall and September and October are more llovedores then say that if we have a good moisture August-September may be the mother of the harvest. Regarding prognos is natural phenomenon known as "La Niña, the delegate noted that excess water; especially January and February have negatively impact on all fruit, particularly lemon, because it is cold water that causes dry flower and no harvest.