Shanti-AgroRecently it has been reported that Iran is claiming that rice import from India was banned in 2014 due to their own surplus availability and excess imports in 2013.In this regard, recently a system has been created where only selected private agencies have been supported with import licensing which has been existed since last 15-16 months. Thus, it is very difficult to conclude when the ban is imposed or lifted .Further, under this scheme ,the food articles were never sanctioned under US/UN orders and thus in view of this situation, in fact REAL ban on rice  never existed in Iran.

Similarly, same conditions may be true for Pakistan as well and small containerized supplies of Pakistani rice may be going to Iran under such arrangements in spite of sanctions. India had an advantage of rupee payment since 2011 till today which will be discontinued soon.  However, Indian Pusa 1121 PB rice will continue to get overriding priority by Iranian buyers over Pakistan origin, as long as Indian prices are competitive.  Further, according to the analyst, Pakistan is ideologically a nation with Sunni Muslim majority, while Iran is the leader of world’s Shia movement, so politically too, Pakistan will not be favored in the trade on these grounds.