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According to a report issued by the Agriculture Minister that by persisting of a dry conditions, the rice seedlings in about 185,451 hectares of paddy fields have been affected in Cambodia. Under these conditions, about 9,240 hectares of paddy fields have been completely damaged. It was noted that the total damage is around 2.12 million hectares of rice fields or about 82.7% of the total rice acreage of about 2.57 million hectares in the country. Normally, planting of rice seedlings take place in May, but due to early-season drought it has been delayed which has led to lack of water in reservoirs.
As for as USDA estimates is concern, the Cambodia’s average yield per hectare is about 2.43 tons. Based on these estimates, Cambodia may have about 450,000 tons of paddy which has been affected by flooding this year. Cambodia produced around 9 million tons of paddy rice in 2014, as per sources.
Further, the USDA estimates that Cambodia MY 2014-15 (January 2015 – December 2015) paddy rice production was around 7.344 million tons (around 4.7 million tons, milled basis), slightly down from around 7.383 million tons (around 4.725 million tons, milled basis) in MY 2013-14. It also estimates that Cambodia has to export around 1.1 million tons of rice in 2015, which is up about 10% from an estimated 1 million tons in 2014.