tanzania flagAs per sources, a principal Scientist at the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) revealed that the Tanzania is set to become the next rice granary (store house) in Africa. It has great potential to expand as it has advantages of having ample suitable lands and water resources, as well as good climate. Further, it was added that the two IRRI-bred rice varieties jointly released as Komboka and Tai by the National Rice Research Program-KATRIN Research Centre and IRRI-Tanzania two years ago. These new development in research will greatly help to boost the country’s productivity as stated by Dr. Ismail of IRRI.

In this context it was also narrated that, the names of the varieties seem to represent how the Tanzanian government views its future in rice sector. Komboka means “to be liberated” and is telling of the government’s desire to be free from the problem of low rice production. Tai, which shanti agro admeans “eagle,” seems to speak of the country’s desire to take its rice production to greater heights in both quantity and quality. These qualities of new varieties of rice will certainly help in leading the rice exporter in Africa and even in the Middle East.