Rice farming in italyAccording to latest information, it has been stated that the old personal diary of Italy’s former Prime Minister Count Camillo Benso di Cavour, which was written by the Prime Minister himself between 1835 and 1838, shows the importance of Cavour canal to rice farming in the country. The canal was built to support rice farming. It originates from the Po in Chivasso, near Turin, and discharging ends in Ticino in the municipality of Galliate, in the heart of rice growing area.  Further, the canal was named after Italy’s first Prime Minister who was a rice grower near Vercelli. It has also been indicated that the discovery of the diary is an evidence for carrying on further study on the Cavour canal.

Further, in this context, it has been reported that the diary, which was originally kept in the house of Cavour was shanti ricelater donated to the House by Ainardo Cavour (son of Cavour’s brother Gustavo). However, it was informed that the diary was missing since 1912. Now, it has been discovered and kept in the library “Il cartiglio” in Turin.