The farmers in Thailand are very excited to register themselves for the subsidy scheme to hand out a Bt1,000 for each rai of their paddy fields.But there excitement is being hampered by their worry about drought as rice is their livelihood.

As of the limited water resources the Royal Irrigation Department (RID) has already announced its decision not to provide the water to farmers for their paddy fields in the Chao Phraya River Basin till April 30 2015.Reason for the same is below average rainfall this year.

Yesterday the agriculture office which is In Amnat Charoen province, which is outside the Chao Phraya Basin farmers gathered there to hand out a Bt1,000 for each rai of their paddy fields offered by the government which is going to commenced from October 20.

The province’s agriculture chief, Songphan Jansawang, said.that after registration the government officials will verify the registerd farmers and will decide a schedule to distribute the subsidy to the farmers.

Besides the popularity of the scheme some of the farmers are dissatisfied by the scheme as they are worried about the water shortage and government officials warning that  they should be very cautious about planting a double-crop field this year.

Also The Royal Irrigation Department (RID) has announced its decision to reduce the water supply in some areas, such as Tambon Tha Chang of Phitsanulok’s Phrom Phiram district and hence farmers of these areas will be affected.

Local farmer hongdaeng Noirung lamented yesterday said that they are in this buisness for the years and they depend on the rice so its not a simple thing to switch to the crops that need less water.

Manoon Maneechote, a farmer leader in Phichit province, said it seemed no government had ever really understood farmers.”Rice farmers are not allowed a say in policy formulation,” he said.

Also the farmers go on with double-crop paddy fields. and they need to feed themselves claiming that there 99% field is used for the growing rice.