The paddy crop production in the Uttar Pradesh has been benefitted by the rainfall  caused by the hudhud which on Monday has strongly hit the eastern and central districts of the state

Hudhud, strong winds with high velocity of almost 195 KM/hr, has destroyed the coastal areas of the Andhra Pradesh has made its way to UP.

The capital city of UP, Lucknow has received strong rainstorm. Along Lucknow, Several other districts in east and central Uttar Pradesh has same climatic nature.

Uttar Pradesh Agriculture Director A K Bishnoi told Business Standard that the hudhud has not affected the crops in UP infact it benefited the farmers by cutting the irrigation cost and beneficial for the late maturing paddy crop.

Since the monsoon ended up with dry and humid, it had added  irrigation overheads of farmers due to higher outlay for diesel pump-sets.

Regional Metrological Department Director J P Gupta said that the impact of hudhud in state can be viewd upto Tuesday and after that any analysis can be made regarding the rainfall.

After the hudhud reached the state it has slowed down to a velocity of 60 Km/hr does not affected the state. Little impact can be seen in the western UP districts.

13% increase against the target paddy acreage has been seen in UP. Against paddy acreage target of 6.045 million hectares (mh), the state has achieved acreage of 6.85 mh.

During 2013, the state paddy acreage and production had stood at 5.9 mh and 15.3 million tones, respectively.