Hong Grain color sorter ZD5- Anhui Hongshi Optoelectronic High-Tech Co., Ltd. belongs to Hongshi Enterprise Group which deals with business including the development of optical mechanical and electronic integration, auto/vehicle sales, petroleum sales, and cultural media and it has Hong Grain Color Sorter ZD5 as a type of color-choosing machines.

Our company is located in Hongshi Industry Zone of Hefei Baohe Industry Zone. Our company focuses on the development, production and sales of color-chosing machines, intelligent robots, and white-light speed-measure equipment. As a company of many techniques, there are 128 staff members. More than 65% are with Bachelor degree; and there are 9 people who are specialists, Ph.D, or professors in the field of optical, mechanical and electronic integration. Our company cooperates well with Hi-tech companies and science institutes at home and abroad; and our company has built a data base of specialists and built the Development Center of Optical, Mechanical and Electronic Integration.

Our company strictly abides by ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO18001 standards; and our company takes JIT and ERP strategies to achieve always-better technologies and service. Our company has got 13 patents and 2 Nation-Help projects. Some technologies reach or surpass the 1st international level.

Our color sorter choosing machines have more than 10 types for eg. Hong Grain Color Sorter ZD5 and they can be used for the products like rice, tea, sunflower seeds, melon seeds, beans, and industrial raw materials. The color sorter machines used on the seeds with covers and on the round beans are new ones in the field of China; and they crack the monopoly of those imported machines and better meet the domestic demands.

We have been requiring us with the standards of a 1st-class enterprise, have been respecting knowledge and the talented staff, and have been striving for the perfection of “Technology, Quality, and Service”. We would like to join you together for cooperation to be good, better and best!

1. Slide using the latest design, suitable for a wide range of color selected grains;
2. Exit in the front, taking samples more conveniently;
3. The use of true color 10-inch display and user-friendly interface to make operation even simpler, and more convenient;
4. Applying 2048 CCD camera and photo processing technology that can process photo parameters ever faster;
5. The use of high-speed computer processing systems and real-time more;
6. Cutting-edge electronic systems used to protect the efficiency and stability;

The grains color sorter are mainly more than a dozen varieties. color sorter selection covers rice, tea, seed, bean, industrial raw material and other fields, and makes a breakthrough especially in some shelled melon seeds (such as sunflower seeds, watermelon seeds, pumpkin seeds, white melon seeds, etc) and round beans (such as soybeans, Mung beans, peas, red beans, etc). It can screen and remove defective impurities and others in the method of color difference; our products, with intelligent production way, fast separation speed and efficiency of a perfect separation, are your first choices!


◎ World-class industrial-strength 2048 pixel CCD true color linear array lens, identify discolored material with high precision.

◎ The domestic leading quality eject valve, with a more than 1 billion service time, which has high sorting accuracy and easy maintenance.

◎ Intelligent interface which based on ARM chip and Linux operating system, easy and simple to operate.

◎ The high-speed specialized micro date processing system greatly improves date processing rate and efficiency, which increases machine output effectively.

◎ High-brightness,long service time LED light meeds sorting demands for different materials, no need change light source.

◎ Newly algorithmic technic for various materials, results better sorting effects.

◎ Advanced special slide, reduce friction and easy for maintenance work.

◎ New machine model design with more stable operation, increase accuracy and reduce breakage rate.

◎ High corrosion resistance exterior design, durable and attractive