Heavy rains have flooded the TexasAs per sources, it has been indicated that when it comes to spring rains in Texas, more times than not, it can be too much, too fast or too little, or too late. Recently it has been observed that when there are spring seasons like this one, a lingering El Niño weather system in the Pacific can easily throw farmers a curve from one day or one week to the next. After the excessive rains in recent weeks which are nearly 22-inches in the heaviest hit areas crop in Texas. The neighboring Louisiana informed that overall, farmers have fared well in view of   the result. Further, it has been revealed that the rainfall totals in March and more recently in late April, however, have varied greatly.

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Meanwhile, heavy rains caused flooding in some areas of both states that seriously damaged corn and other row crop fields and pastures. Around 1,500 of 10,000 acres of corn in Fayette County, Texas, for example, were drowned out or completely swept away. Notable amounts of rain fell, as much as an estimated 12 to 20 inches in southeast Texas between Fayette and San Jacinto counties and more than 9 inches near Wichita Falls and Stephenville on the opposite side of the state. Further, it has been noted that areas south of Abilene also experienced widespread flooding where more than 5 inches fell from the late April storm system. Fayette County, Texas, farmer Gerard Hajovsky recorded more than a foot of rain on April 18 alone. The farmer lives on the Colorado River south of La Grange, and narrated that he had to launch his boat in order to check on his pecan orchard and field crops.