paddy harvesting in srilankaAccording to the sources that paddy harvesting will be commenced in coming months and it will be initiating from Eastern province, Kurunagala and Monaragala districts, the Peradeniya as intimated by the Agriculture Department. Further, it was revealed that the paddy production will be expected in 9%, 54%, and 37% in proportion of total production in January, February and March respectively. The Socio Economics and Planning Centre of the Department of Agriculture in Peradeniya also narrated that  the reported paddy sown extent up to end December 2015 for Maha 2015/16 season was 769,011 ha; 92% of the target (838,142ha).

Moreover, in the report it has been stated that in comparison to the average sown extent of last 3 Maha seasons the progressed paddy sown extent up to end December 2015 is 5% higher. It has also been revealed that target exceeded in major paddy producing areas of Kurunagala, Ampara and Mahaweli and in other major paddy producing areas also reported above 95% progress from the target.

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Further, in this regard, as per data it has been indicated that crop was damaged in 14,149ha and which has been reported mainly due to floods especially in Baticcaloa (12,502ha) district. While, pest and disease damage was reported from Ampara, Kaluthara, Galle and Nuwara Eliya districts according to the agriculture department. The paddy production forecast up to end December 2015 was 2.93 million MT, considering the crop losses too. It is 2% and 7% higher as compared to the production of Maha 2014/15 and production average of past 3 Maha seasons respectively.