Guyana’s Ministry of Agriculture and Guyana’s Rice Development Board (GRDB) has released two new hybrid varieties of rice namely GRDB 14 and Maria’s Delight aromatic rice on 11 February, 2015 at the Guyana International Conference Centre.

Both the varieties were developed at Burma Rice Research Station (BRRS) situated in Essequibo. The variety GDRB 14 is a high yield rice variety while Maria’s Delight aromatic rice is first aromatic rice variety of the country and is pest resistant and disease free. These varieties are the hybrid of local rice varieties and are developed to boost the local rice production of the country.

Maria’s have an expression of aroma along with the yield capacity of 45 bags per acre (around 113bags per hectare).

Chief Scientist and Plant Breeder at the GDRB told local sources that Guyana was suffering from pest infected rice varieties and is striving to develop more pest resistant rice varieties and will continue their efforts in this direction.

He said that GDRB and BRRS through the development of new hybrid rice varieties would be able to boost the country’s rice production and will able the Guyana to find a new rice market.

The varieties were released by the president of Guyana. He noted that Guyana plays a minor role in the International rice market and have to improve its capability and productivity in order to make its visibility in the International Market. He assured that the government would provide full support for continued growth, development and prosperity of the rice industry.

Guyana has exported around 501,208 tons of rice in 2014 up by about 27% from around 394,400 tons exported in 2013.