Government Of Sweden: Supply of Food, Beverages, Tobacco And Related Products. Animal Products, Meat And Meat Products. Meat. Meat Products. Prepared And Preserved Fish. Fish Fillets, Fish Livers And Roe.Frozen Fish, Fish Fillets And Other Fish Meat. Dried Or Salted Fish; Fish In Brine; Smoked Fish. Canned Or Tinned Fish And Other Prepared Or Preserved Fish. Seafood.Fruit, Vegetables And Related Products.Potatoes And Potato Products.Fruit And Vegetable Juices. Processed Fruit And Vegetables. Crude Animal Or Vegetable Oils And Fats. Edible Fats. Margarine And Similar Preparations. Milk And Cream. Cheese Products. Fresh Cheese.
Grated, Powdered, Blue-Veined And Other Cheese. Hard Cheese.Cheese Spreads. Grain Mill Products, Starches And Starch Products. Grain Mill Products.
Husked Rice. Cereal Or Vegetable Flour And Related Products. Cereal Grain Products. Cereal Products. Prepared Breakfast Cereals. Rolled Oats.
Bread Products, Fresh Pastry Goods And Cakes. Rusks And Biscuits; Preserved Pastry Goods And Cakes. Sugar And Related Products Cocoa; Chocolate And Sugar Confectionery. Pasta Products. Coffee, Tea And Related Products. Condiments And Seasonings. Special Nutritional Products. Miscellaneous Food Products And Dried Goods. Food 2015

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