indonesia import riceAccording to the statement issued by the Vice-President of Indonesia that government of Indonesia may decide to import rice in this current year if the impact of El Nino on rice production is severe. It was told that government needs to monitor the impact of  on the country’s food production. It has been revealed that the government should re-evaluate this year’s 75 million tons paddy rice estimate in view of extending drought conditions.

Further, the government has so far not imported any rice this year. The country is keen on achieving self-sufficiency in rice production and would like to avoid imports in this year. However, now the government is likely to take back its decision on imports.

In this context, meanwhile, the analysts are predicting that Indonesia may have to import about 1.6 shanti agro admillion tons of rice in this year to maintain stocks and to stabilize the prices. As per the USDA estimates Indonesia is to produce around 36.3 million tons of rice, basis milled (around 57.17 million tons, basis paddy), and to import around 1.25 million tons of rice in MY 2014-15 (October – September).