Low Rainfall by the Italian Rice Farmers UnionsAs per local sources, it has been indicated that the farmers unions Confagricoltura of Novara, Vercelli, Pavia and Coldiretti Novara-Vercelli-Biella, Cia Novara and Vercelli are urging the political bodies to maintain adequate water reserves amid concerns of lower rainfall and snow during the irrigation season. It has been narrated that lack of rain and snow in Northern Italy are expected to lead to severe drought conditions in the country, impacting the rice production in this year. It has also been noted that high consolidated snow in the northern parts usually supports irrigation in summer; however, this year’s snowpack is very minimal. Further, the drought conditions are likely to affect over 10,000 farms covering an area of at least 300,000 hectares and an induced income of at least one billion euro, as revealed by the farmers’ unions.

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Furthermore, in this regard, it has been emphasized that the Italy is rice growing sector and its industrial chain today provides employment and income to thousands of persons as told by the farmers’ unions. Therefore, they are urging the government to act immediately so that the essential water resources for the next irrigation season can be kept in reservoirs. In addition, it has also been urged to the government to standardize the minimum vital flow (DMV) of rivers to address the current situation.