Husk, the byproduct of one of the important step of the rice milling called De-husking is now helping The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company to produce fuel efficient tires. Good Tires & Rubber Company today announced that it will use the ash left over from the burning of rice husks to produce electricity as an environmentally friendly source of silica for use in its tires.

It has been working from the last two years at its innovation center to test silica derived from rice husk ash and found it to be equally efficient to the traditional tires.

The company is negotiating with the rice millers to purchase the rice husk so as to produce the Silica for their tires.

Joseph Zekoski, Interim Chief Technical Officer, said that the silica obtained after the husk ash will provide the company an alternative for their requirement of silica and also will reduce the amount of rice husk waste being land filled, This also shows the Goodyear’s commitment for the environment and innovation.

Every year more than 700 million tons is harvested worldwide according to statistics from FAO and US which obviously will land filled millions of husk waste causing a challenge to the environment.

Husk is often burned to produce electricity and hence reduce the amount of the husk disposed in lands.

Silica is mixed with rubber in tire treads to increase the rubber’s strength and help reduce rolling resistance, which improves fuel economy. Also the tire made from such type of the rubber work well on wet surface.

Zekoski said that Goodyear focuses its effort on making tires more environmentally friendly – in their materials, in their performance and in the manufacturing process.

Company always tries to be innovative and environment friendly for example it provide its customers to keep their tires operating optimally, through innovations such as Air Maintenance Technology (AMT),making their tires fuel efficient and looking for renewable resources like soy bean oil, to replace petroleum-based materials in tires.”