With spring rains delayed hampering planting, fertilization and challenged insect and disease management in Raymond, most of the rice cultivators are looking towards positive signs of good harvest.

In a report released on September 2 by the U.S Department of Agriculture’s Crop Progress and condition, it has been indicated that around 58 percent of the crop is in good condition and 28 percent in excellent condition and 5 percent has been harvested.

Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Experiment station agronomist, Bobby Golden has commented that harvest is going to be good. Currently we’re harvesting the acreage that was planted in the normal window and rain slowed a little but hopefully weather will clear soon.

Crop will be harvested in late September and in some fields will be ready by mid – October. As per the survey by USDA, estimated growers planted 167,000 acres in 2014 and the forecasted yield are around 7,000 pounds per acre.

Brian Williams, Extension agricultural economist said that current harvest is pushing the rice prices down. Even though the growing conditions are good, this is like a double edged sword. One hand higher yield will pull the prices down but on the other good quality of rice is expected which may lead to increased demand and boost up the prices.

Louisiana rough rice is trading for $12.59 per hundred weight, that is about $2.50 per hundredweight less than in 2013. September rice futures are trading for $12.52, down about $2.30 from 2013.

Ed Redona, MAFES rice breeder at the MSU Delta Research and Extension Center in Stoneville, harvested his earliest-planted variety trial in Ruleville in late August, and said it showed outstanding yield performance for one variety.

Hence the Overall yields were high, ranging from 225 to 322 bushels per acre,” Redona said. “Among the top-yielding entries was Rex, released by MSU in 2010, which had a yield of 285 bushels per acre. In 2013, Rex accounted for roughly 15 percent of the rice area in the state, which made it the most widely planted conventional pure line variety.