Paddy Cultivation in IndiaAccording to the local sources, it has been reported that good rainfall in the last eight days has improved the grim paddy cultivation scenario in Sundargarh district, which faced scanty rain in June and July. In fact, however, the faulty distribution pattern continues to be a cause of worry for farmers in some blocks. It has also been narrated that in the last eight days till Monday, the district received an average of 136 mm rainfall against the normal of 393.9 mm for August. Further, in this regard, the Deputy Director of Agriculture Mr R N Satpathy however, admitted to the rainfall distribution being sporadic.

As per report, the paddy transplantation has also picked up the momentum in 70 percent of targeted area, while beusoning (inter-cultural) operation on low land is underway. Further, it has been revealed that similar activities on upland and medium land are getting delayed in the absence of adequate water. However, inter-cultural operation on 40,000 to 45,000 hectares of upland and medium land is yet to be done. In this matter, Mr Satpathy claimed that at least one spell of heavy rain is required in the next eight days to boost inter-cultural operation on high land, while it is 15 days for low and medium land. Moreover, it has also been stated that in upland areas, it is facing scanty or sporadic rainfall and the farmers have been advised not to wait for rain to take up inter-cultural operation and should root out weeds besides applying fertiliser to have better crop yield.

Furthermore, as per information available, it has been indicated that in last eight days, Hemgir and Kutra blocks received heavy rainfall of 260 mm and 279 mm respectively, while Lefripara, Subdega, Rajgangpur, Bonai, Lahunipara and Lathikata blocks got between 146 mm and 164 mm rain only. Further, Gurundia, Koida and Balishankara received between 128 mm and 133 mm, while Bisra, Kuanrmunda, Tangarpali and Sundargarh blocks got 70 mm to 87 mm. According to the observation, Bargaon block had lowest rainfall with 46 mm followed by Nuagaon block at 65 mm. Meanwhile, on August 1, the district received a total of 559 mm rain with five blocks received below 10 mm, six blocks got 15 mm to 35 mm while two blocks received only 41 mm to 65 mm. While two blocks got heavy rainfall of 85 mm to 110 mm and there was no rain in Subdega block, but in June, the district had received 63 pc deficit rainfalls, while in July it was 15 pc only Shanti Agro Industries Pvt. Ltd.according to the record.