ghana rice productionAccording to a report by the Chairman of the Volta Rice Producers Network, it has been stated by Mr. Billy Anyeme Agbotse that 70% of Ghana’s need for rice is imported with an estimated amount of $500m annually. Further, he also stated that if the Volta Region’s potential of producing rice were fully honored and steps were also taken to support rice farmers in the country with the necessary inputs and matching implements and the rice potentials of the region remain an untapped natural resource that is capable of solving the country’s food needs, elevating rural poverty and creating worth.

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In this context, further, he also narrated that we are challenged so we beg of government to resource us with micro machines of which we would pay on monthly basis to improve our work and also save us much time. While, on the other hand Chairman of the Volta rice farmer’s producers association said government to support the activities of the local rice farmers to increase the production and reduce the nations dependency on imports. In addition, as per the reports, it has been indicated that appeal during an inspection of a demonstration farm of the system of rice intensification project (SIR) at Akrofo in the Volta region by a team from the ministry of food and agriculture. Further, he narrated that the IRS is a set of farming practices that ensure maximum use of land and water as well as other resources based on the adoptions of climate smart technologies that could make crops resist drought, water logging and weeds damage.