Poor harvest condition in the  country may let the president  Yahya Jamme to rethink over the ban on rice import from other countries. Since the rice harvest is unsatisfactory in the country so Jamme reconsider the vision 2016 speaking on the national television, GRTS, on Mondayrice import

He marks the importance of the vision 2016 by saying that it will make the country free from the burden of infinite dependency on food import from the other countries. He will hold the decision of vision 2016 if the country produces sufficient rice to make the country self sufficient and to meet the requirements of its people. by 31st Dec 2015. More at  http://www.riceoutlook.com/nigeria-self-sufficient-rice-requirement/

Marking the importance of the Gambia natural resources Yahya Jamme said there is enough land and water for irrigation in the country to produce enough rice for local consumption and export.

But Critics have argued that the policy  of Vision 2016 will not be achieve looking at the present trend of rice production in the country and the fact that the country relies heavily on rain-fed agriculture which is becoming increasingly erratic over the years.