The Telangana government has taken a move to distribute free rice to the BPL families of the state on white cards which is new updation in the prevailing Public Distribution Policy(PDS).

Finance Minister Etala Rajender told a press conference on Wednesday, that a panel has been set which will look into matter whether to increase the rice prices from Rs 1 per Kg to Rs 2 per kg , or to keep the prices constant or  to distribute the rice to the BPL for free of cost.

He also addressed the press by saying that the panel will also reconsider on the rice distribution quantity.Currently the state is giving 4 Kg per head or 20 kg per household.He said a proposal of giving 5 kg per head and 25-30 kg per household has been proposed. rice distribution

4 kg per head is not sufficient quantity.Whatever decision will be taken that will be surely in the favour of the people and will be the updation of previous quantity. The decision will be soon announces as the sub-committee submits its report, he said.

Finance Minister Etala Rajender  said that the reports that the government aimed to weed out white cards is fake.There has been some mismanagement in distribution of white rice which has also been voluntarily admitted by 12.5 lakh card holders which saved  17,000 tonnes of rice that would have otherwise gone to the black market.

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