According to a verdict, Supreme Court of the Thailand has rejected the former Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra’s plea to allow the trial to be taken up by the Administrative Court as the case was not within jurisdiction of the Supreme Court’s Criminal Division for Political Office Holders. In addition, the Court also denied her plea to reject additional documented evidence from 23 witnesses submitted by the prosecutors.

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Under this case, nine judges panel headed by the Supreme Court’s Deputy President denied to transfer the case to Administrative court on grounds that the ongoing trial against the former Prime Minister is a criminal case and the Administrative court is not authorized to deal with criminal cases. It also rejected the other pleas saying that it has every right to seek truth by summoning and questioning from more witnesses. The court adjourned for next hearing on October 29  2015.

According to the sources, the former Prime Minister is facing charges of negligence of duty in preventing multi-billion dollar graft in running the controversial rice pledging scheme introduced by her government in October 2011. The scheme is estimated to have caused losses to the extent of about 500 billion baht (around $14 billion) to the government. If proved guilty in the present case, she may have to face imprisonment for 10 years, as informed by the sources.