Sale 20.204.805 MTs of Rice/Wheat Unfit for Human Consumption.

Sealed tenders are invited from parties registered with FCI and State
Government and its agencies for Sale 20.204.805 MTs of Rice/Wheat Unfit for
Human Consumption

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If the said date is declared to be holiday for the Food Corporation of India Offices, it shall be deemed to remain open for acceptance on the following working day.

On behalf of Food Corporation of India, General Manager, FCI (Chhattisgarh Region), Raipur invites sealed tenders for the disposal of damaged food grains declared fit for Feed I/Feed.II/Feed.III/Industrial/Manure use wheat/rice.  Person signing the tender should state in what capacity he/she is signing the tender i.e. Sole Proprietor of a firm, or as secretary, Managing Director, etc. of a limited company. The person signing the tender form or any other documents forming part of the tender on behalf of another shall produce a proper power of Attorney duly executed in his favour stating that he has authority to bind such other persons in all matters pertaining to the contract.

The parties will submit Tender in sealed envelope. Tender and/or amendments submitted after opening the tenders on the schedule date and time will not be considered.

The Food Corporation of India reserve the right to extend the period of delivery of release order and the buyer shall not be entitled to any compensation for such extension of the free period of delivery.

The Food Corporation of India will take a serious view of any breach of these conditions of sale. It will also not be open to buyer to question the categorization of the stocks.

The power of Attorney should be signed by all partners in case of partnership concern and in the case of limited companies it should be under the common seal of the company.