Flood Destroyed Rice Farms in NigeriaAccording to the sources, the rice farmers in Nasarawa state in Nigeria are counting their losses after flood, occasioned by heavy rainfall and water released from dams which destroyed their crops very badly. The farmlands in the areas located close to River Benue and other adjoining areas like Tunga, Ogah, Janqua areas of Nasarawa state suffered severe damage.

Further, it has been reported that high volume of water submerged thousands of hectares of farmlands in the villages as farmers lament total destruction of their rice farms. Mr. Rotimi Williams is one of the farmers whose 1,000-hectare cultivated rice farm in Tunga was completely destroyed a week after water released from one of the dams which destroyed about 40% of the land. On this destruction, a 34-year-old young Nigerian commercial farmer expressed sadness over government policy towards rice production, adding that government gives more attention to rice processors instead of rice farmers who are the rice producers. In case if this continues, it may not be possible to see any prospect of attaining self-sufficiency in rice production. It is well known that when flood destroys farmlands, it is the farmers that suffer because processors do not suffer from the effect of the flood. So, therefore, help and attention should be directed and provided to farmers as it was narrated.

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Under this situation, some other farmers spoke to in Tunga and told that they woke up on Sunday and found that high volume of water as deep as 9 feet submerged their farms. Similarly farms in adjoining villages of Ogah and Janqua have also been severely destroyed by the floods. Another farmer Mr Abimiku Jatua, a residence of Lafia, who has four hectares of rice farm in ogah, informed with sad that everything he worked for this year as far as rice is concerned  ,  is now  completely  gone. For this year, it is over for me. Nothing else is left there with him.