The Vietnam government recommended the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) technical support package, which launches the country’s first international agricultural research centre.

The centre has the target of attaining sustainable rice production through the installation of advance technologies and aid as the basis for further increasing Vietnam’s global leadership position in rice production.

In the technical workshop, the Vietnam Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) executives and associates happened to debate the IRRI suggested technical assistance package.

Latest issues conversed at the workshop comprised – branding of Vietnamese rice, methods to decrease pre and post harvest damages, weather change adaptation and low carbon release events to further improve the rice sector.

The agreement pointing a more tough international discussion among Vietnamese and IRRI scientists and experts was signed between MARD Minister Cao Duc Phat and IRRI Director General Robert Zeigler.

The agreement in substance creates IRRI the first international agricultural research centre to be formally acknowledged as an global organization by the Government of Vietnam and should permit for alteration and much better-quality execution of Vietnam’s rice sector policy.

At the signing ceremony, Minister Phat expressed thanks to IRRI specialists for their effective backing in reformation the rice industry in current times and advised Vietnam’s rice sector to make huge modifications to upturn income and produce jobs for farmers in a justifiable way.