To renew and expand the state’s Omor rice mill ,under private and public arrangement, Joseph Agro Industries Limited (JAI)  has signed a agreement under Memorandum of Understanding (MoI) with the Anambra government to invest $150 million (N25billion) to the project.

The Executive Director of JAI, Ken Irhiogbe said that leading global EPC provider China Machinery Equipment Corporation (CMEC) has appointed technical partners to uplift the current mill’s capacity of 18,000 metric tonnes to an initial of 100,000 metric tonnes, developing f 14000 hectares of paddy fields and construction of a green energy bio mass power plant in Omor using rice husk as feedstock.

As far as long term aim is considered and to attain sustainability after the technology transfer, Joseph Agro Industries Limited (JAI) has collaborated with the Confucius Institute, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka  where it will take the Chinese understanding Nigerian student who can best study the rice technology.

Highlighting the Joseph Agro Industries Limited (JAI)  objective, Irhiogbe said that the company’s objective is to increase paddy production to 167,000 metric tonnes within two cropping season and another deal of converting the 15,000 hectares of land into integrated rice paddy fields is under negotiation.

Also the state governor Willie Obiano has praised the JAI for its support to whole of the state including the employment opportunity in the state.

Obiano said that it will also increase the economic strength of the state as well as of Nigeria.He said that the project will boost the state’s progress in the rice production  and hence eliminate the state’s supply deficit.

He also noted that with the project coming on-stream, it will have direct impact on the growth of internally generated revenue for the State.