Local sources reveals that FAO is going to support Fiji in increasing its rice production to about 6 tons per hectare from the current 2 tons per hectare and make it self-dependence cutting its rice import.
The FAO’s Regional Coordinator for the Pacific was quoted as saying that for rice growth proper technical training to farmers is necessary. Farmers must be taught beginning from land preparation, harvesting and storage.
The Fijian government is trying to enhance its rice production by adopting new hybrid rice varieties, revamp of cultivation processes. The reason for poor rice production in the country is due to o poor cultivation methods.
When rice production in the country is poor, the support provided by FAO would be of immense use for Fiji. Some officials from the Fiji’s Agriculture Ministry attended a seminar by the Chinese government on hybrid rice seeds planting.
Fiji is a net importer of rice and imports about 70% of its rice consumption needs of around 44,000 tons annually. Annually Fiji spends around $40 million on rice imports, according to data from the Ministry of Agriculture. Fiji imports rice majorly from Thailand and India.