pakistan rice farmer trainedAs per the sources, it has been reported that the rice growers belonging to Gujranwala city were trained to enhance production of the crop. In this regard, two training workshops were conducted in Gujranwala and Murdike to equip the rice growing farmers with latest cultivation techniques by Rice Partners Pvt Ltd in collaboration with Intercoperation and MARS Food. Under this training programme, leading experts from provincial agricultural departments were invited in the workshop .According to experts, the  rice production constituted the major economic activity and it is a key source of employment for the rural population of the country.

Further, it was also narrated that the average yield of rice in Pakistan had been increased as a result of many research activities by more than two percent per year but still far less than other leading rice growing countries. So, there is dire need to bring the maximum rice growing farmers in capacity building activities. Engaging rice growing farmers in training workshops will enhance their skills on rice crop management.

In addition, it was also explained about the significance of land laser leveling and it was informed that laser leveling improve irrigationShanti Agro Industries Pvt. Ltd. efficiency and conserves water. Furthermore, in this regard, Dr. Qamar Masood Qureshi Regional Director Federal Seed Certification Expert told that it was very important to use quality seed in rice production, as by using quality seed farmers can also increase their crop yield.