We re glad to have Mr T. Srinivasan, Managing Director of Jeevika Food Machine Private Limited. Jeevika Food Machine Private Limited., Chennai is a dynamic Company founded with the motivation to provide Added Value Goods and Services to Indian food processing industries such as: Rice Industry, Pasta Industry, Dal Industry, Wheat Industry, Maize Industry, Nuts Industry, Dry Fruits Industry, Snacks Industry, Confectionery Industry, Spice Industry, Frozen fruits & vegetable Industry, Dehydrated vegetable & fruits Industry, Salt Industry, Sugar Industry and Ready to eat food industry.

Now we have Mr T.Srinivasan to have discussion on few of our queries listed below:

Riceoutlook: Tell us something about Jeevika Food Machine, when was JFM found and what was the idea behind its establishment?

Jeevika Food Macchinery
Jeevika Food Machinery


 T. Srinivasan;JEEVIKA FOOD MACHINE PRIVATE LIMITED, Chennai is a dynamic and aggressive company founded with the motivation to create a technology revolution in the food processing sectors such as Rice Industry, Dal Industry, Wheat Industry, Maize Industry, Nuts Industry, Spice Industry, Frozen fruits & vegetable industry, Dehydrate vegetable & fruits industry, Ready to eat food industry and Sea Foods Industry.

Our company was founded in 2010 with the passion to attain high end achievements in Food processing and Grain processing sectors. Gradually it is stepping to its next stage with the guidance of its Directors and dedicated employees. Further its growth is not limited to cover it in a year or two; it is preparing itself strongly for its impeccable establishment in this competitive market. JFM is now under the process of setting up its networks in main locations of India.

Riceoutlook: Let directly start with the Heat Treatment Technology for Rice Bran. Please share with us in detail about the heat treatment technology for Rice bran which you have introduced recently?

 T. Srinivasan; Heat treatment of cereal products:

Specialist of the heat treatment of dry ingredients, Revtech designs custom-made solutions for the heat treatment of cereal products: toasting, drying, stabilization, pasteurization of whole grains, flakes, germs, bran, flour…

The technology:

With units from 200 kg/h to 5000 kg/h, the continuous Revtech technology is based on 3 simple principles:

  • The product is transported by vibration in a spiral tube, which enables a very good mixing and an excellent homogeneity, all the particles receiving the same treatment.
  • This stainless steel spiral pipe is heated by the electricity flowing in the wall of the pipe (high impedance tube). The product is then heated up by the contact of the hot tube. The excellent heat exchange (90% of the energy is transferred to the product) enables to get a very low energy consumption (around 80 kW to roast 500 kg/h).
  • The atmosphere is controlled inside the tube. Steam can be injected to pasteurize, cold and dry air can be used to dry and cool down…


Riceoutlook: How this technology will commercially benefit the Rice Millers globally?

Haet Treatment Plant
Haet Treatment Plant


 T. Srinivasan;

 The 3 key factors of REVTECH heat treatment technology:

  • Operation in a controlled atmosphere:
  • heating is obtained by direct contact with hot surface
  • Atmosphere is controlled in the tube (steam, air, product vapor, nitrogen…)
  • Only gentle vibrations (no auger, belt, mixer…): no damages on your products
  • Great homogeneity is insured by the vibrations:
  • Every particle is treated, no particle is over treated
  • Very good mixing (frequency of the vibrations: 15 Hz – 3 g acceleration)
  • Very little variation in residence time
  • The main operating parameters can be changed very precisely:
  • Temperature (+/- 1°C)
  • Residence time
  • Atmosphere inside the tube

Riceoutlook: Are you the only manufacturer and seller of Heat Treatment Technology for Rice Bran in India? Also apart from India you are supplying this technology to which countries?

 T. Srinivasan; Yes, Revtech is the only manufacturer and seller of Heat Treatment Technology for Rice Bran not only in India but in all over the world.Following are some of Countries in which we supplied this technology.

United States, Peru, Italy, Belgium. Russia, Turkey, Greece, Japan and so on.

Riceoutlook: Now coming to your Sorting Machine, as you claim that your Sorting Machine is 4th generation sorting technology for Basmati and Non-Basmati Rice, We would like to ask that how do you classify different generations of Sorting Technology?

 T. Srinivasan;

  • Product falling system
  • Optical viewing system
  • Processing system
  • Ejecting system

Riceoutlook: How does this 4th generation sorting technology for Basmati and Non-Basmati Rice means is it different from other conventional sorting technology?


 T. Srinivasan; Conventional sorting technology is based on the parameters of the products to be rejected. Our 4th generation sorting technology works on real time picture analysis technique, in which the type of reject items can be selected from the display screen for rejection. Each and every grain is completely analyzed about its size, shape and colour and the values are again checked for final rejection process.

Riceoutlook:   How does this new technology benefit the rice producers?

  • Low power consumption
  • High production capacity
  • Very concentrated reject
  • Very less maintenance cost

Riceoutlook:  Let’s now discuss something about your Bundle Packaging Machine as well. What is the function of Bundling Machine for Rice Industry and how is it beneficial for the Rice Millers?

What is Bundling Machine?

Bundling machine: Equipment for vertical bundling of solid, granulated, refined or powdered products, in different packaging formats of one column back entrance, two column back entrance, three column back entrance, one column lateral entrance and two column lateral entrance.

What are the benefits of Bundling machine?

  1. Low labour cost
  2. Low maintenance cost
  1. Standardization of the bundles, all of them have similar shape and size
    1. Due to similar sizes they are perfect to palletize
    2. 100% sure that the quantity of the bags in the bundles, as a sensor is counting them
  2. Poly bag is clear and allows to see the product inside the bundling
  3. Less cost with raw material (plastic x cartoon boxes or paper bundling)

Riceoutlook: How do you position your products in the Indian Rice Industry? (Please provide us your revert on this question product / technology wise discussed above)

India is the second largest food producer in the world after China. It’s estimated that food-processing industry in India will double up over the next decade. Indian food processing sector is among the largest sectors in terms of production, consumption, export and growth prospects. Also, the government of India has made the commercialization of the country’s food processing sector the first priority, with various fiscal incentives. So, there’s a vast scope for the companies willing to invest in the food processing & packaging sector- a sector that’s growing 15%-20% annually. Increased literacy rate, change in lifestyle, and mass media promotion are amongst the major contributors to the growing demand of processed food in the country.In Indian rice industry we can position our products for the following three categories.

  1. Sorting of rice
  2. Treatment for the rice bran
  3. Packing the sorted/treated rice

For sorting the rice, our Advance optical sorting technology will help to sort the rice by recognizing each individual rice based on its parameters and thus giving a very concentrated final rejection.

Treating rice bran using our heat treatment technology will give the advantages mentioned below which is very essential for millers all over the world.

Low energy consumption – about 80 W.h/kg ie less than 0,01€ / kilo. Minimal maintenance, very robust machine – maintenance every 6 months.One operator to run the unit. PLC controller to define recipes & record operating data.

Finally when coming for packing, more than 75% of Brazilian market is for rice industry. With the new concept of bundling machine rice can be packed in different packaging formats with less labour cost and low maintenance cost.

Riceoutlook: Are you planning to introduce any new technology in the market?

Yes, 4th generation optical color sorting technology for basmati and non-basmati rice, bundling machine for basmati and non-basmati rice and heat treatment technology for rice bran.

Riceoutlook: What are the future plans of JFM?

Our company is planning to set up its network in northern, eastern, western region in the forthcoming years. Our company will set up a test centre in Chennai in the nearest future in order to conduct trials on various food grains at its premises. Our company will be planning to set up its network in Asian countries by 2015 for food processing and grain processing machines.

We Thank Mr.T.Srinivasan for devoting his valuable time for our portal and wish him all the best for his coming projects.