flag of peruAs per sources, it has been reported that rice exports to Peru continue to climb with a dramatic increase of more than 970 percent from 2013 to 2014. This increase in rice export was noted due to locally insufficient production to meet the consumption needs. Thus, the exports have again increased 5 percent which is more than 5,500 MT in the first seven months of this year as compared with the first seven months of 2014. Further, the promotional efforts in the country are keeping pace. 

In this context, recently USA Rice teamed up with the USA Poultry and Egg Export Council (USAPEEC) to present a series of cooking workshops featuring American rice and poultry. The seminar was conducted at Commercial Tres Estrellas S.A., in which a wholesale company with 30 years experience marketing food to the hotel, restaurant, and institutional sectors of Peru participated. The government of Peru is actually are their primary customer.

According to the head of the department of nutrition at Comercial Tres Estrellas stated that our company has a social responsibility to the Peruvian state with regard to provide food of high quality and safety. It is ensured that our raw materials are of the highest quality and our staff is properly trained. It was also informed that such type of seminars help to make all of this possible. At the workshop, participants learned about the U.S. rice industry, preparation techniques, and how to increase profits using U.S. grown rice. In addition, Israel Laura, renowned executive chef, culinary professor and TV personality, conducted the seminar with plans for two more before the end of September.

Furthermore, it was narrated that it’s amazing what one can do with rice. This seminar provides a comprehensive understanding of the types ofshanti rice U.S. rice available here and how to combine these American ingredients of the finest quality with the cooking techniques and flavors of Peruvian cuisine.