Exhibitor Profile of AgriTalk India 2015, Rajkot

Exhibitor Profile of AgriTalk India 2015, Rajkot

AgriTalk India 2015, Rajkot

Trade fairs are one of the most powerful, versatile and effective promotion instruments available. In order to get the maximum benefit out of them, AgriTalk India offers its clients the opportunity to increase their market share with marketing tools strategically selected to boost their visibility and set them apart from their competitors.

Exhibitor Profile

Expose your innovations and technology to potential buyers and establish new business contacts across the country at single venue. Shorten your sales cycle by meeting key decision makers and buyers. Identify new markets, agents and distributors. Make presentations and demonstrations of your products and services. It gives a chance to live product demonstrations, Platform to interact with experts of industry. The sectors that can participate in AgriTalk India 2012 are as given below:

Agriculture Land Levelers Grassland/Forage Harvesting Agriculture Land Levelers
Agriculture Spare Parts Green House Technology Agriculture Spare Parts
Agro Chemicals Hand Operated Implements Agro Chemicals
Analytical Instruments & Equipment Harrows Analytical Instruments & Equipment
Animal Operated Implements Harvesting Machine Animal Operated Implements
Aquaculture Hybrid grains & Crops Aquaculture
Balers and Straw Handling Hydroponics Balers and Straw Handling
Banks, Financial & Insurance Service Insecticides Banks, Financial & Insurance Service
Bio-Pesticides Irrigation and Water Technology Bio-Pesticides
Biotechnology IT Services Biotechnology
Chemical Spraying Livestock, Dairy Farming & Poultry Chemical Spraying
Cleaning, Grading & Weighing Logistics & Distribution Cleaning, Grading & Weighing
Commodity Exchange Magazines & other publications Commodity Exchange
Consultancy Maize Sheller Consultancy
Crop Drying Marketing & Export Services Crop Drying
Cultivators Miscellaneous Equipments Cultivators
Education and Training Nurseries Education and Training
Farm Building & Power Nutrients Farm Building & Power
Fertilizaer Drill & Spreaders Organic Agriculture Fertilizaer Drill & Spreaders
Fertilizers Packaging Fertilizers
Floriculture Paddy Separators Floriculture
Forestry Machinery Pesticide Sprayers Forestry Machinery
Fork Lift & Handling Equipment Pesticides Fork Lift & Handling Equipment
Ghanis Planter Ghanis
Government Departments Plastic Crates & Bins for Horticulture Government Departments
Grassland/Forage Harvesting Plasticulture Seeds & Seed Technologies
Green House Technology Potato Digger Sowing and Planting Equipment
Hand Operated Implements Power Tillers Storage & Handling Machinery
Harrows Renewable Energy Threshers
Harvesting Machine Research and Marketing Organizations Tractors
Hybrid grains & Crops Rice Transplanter Trade Organisations
Hydroponics Seed Drill Trailers
Insecticides Magazines & other publications Turnkey Projects & Knowledge Transfer
Irrigation and Water Technology Maize Sheller Vegetable & Root Crop Harvesting
IT Services Marketing & Export Services Veterinary
Livestock, Dairy Farming & Poultry Miscellaneous Equipments
Logistics & Distribution Weeders

Branding Oppurtunity

Branding Opportunity 

  • Banner Inside Exhibition
  • Catalogue Show

Fact & Figures


AgriTalk India’2012 : 1st in AgriTalk series
Date : Sunday 23 –Wednesday 26 December, 2012
Time : Morning 9 am to Evening 7 pm
Venue : Shastri Maidan, Rajkot (GUJARAT)
Exhibitors : More than 200 numbers
Entry Registration : Free Entry but registration was required
No. of Visitors : More Than 1,56,000 on VERY FIRST Edition
Languages spoken : Hindi, Gujarati, English
Visitor Promotion
Total Data Bank : 3,14,597
Email Invitations : 2, 38,000
Personal Calls : 1,09,000
Invitation Letters : 20,000 VIP Passes across India
3, 00,000 Entry Ticket distributed for pre-registration
SMS reminders : 6,72,000
Voice SMS reminders : 70,000
Exhibition Venue
Distance : 1 km from Railway Station & 850 mtr from S.T. Bus Stand
Area : 48,490 sq.m
Display Area : 23,490 sq.m.
Parking : 25, 000 sq. m.
25 for Movement Co-ordination
25 for Registration
15 for Information
Security Staff
40 Persons
16 CCTV Camera