The “World’s Best Rice” award awarded to the Cambodian jasmine rice for third successive year at the Sixth World Rice Conference has increased the confidence of the Cambodian rice exporters, who are intense on growing exports to more than one million tons by 2015.

As per Local experts, Mounting exports is also very significant to raise the standard of living of the Cambodian rice farmers

According to the President of the Cambodian Rice Federation (CRF), Cambodia books for only 1% of world’s entire rice production but its aromatic rice mixtures are widespread in many countries. Though, inadequacies in production and export management are impacting the nation’s rice exports to a high degree. Absence of capable seed circulation, assembly, storage, logistics and promotion are the matters that need to be mainly talked for promoting Cambodian rice as one of the chief brands in the world.

The CRF President is also keen on rationalization of export techniques as huge amounts of rice is distributed informally to Vietnam and Thailand through Cambodia’s borders every year.

Rice exporters noticed that the Cambodian jasmine rice should be exclusively recognized to be distinguished from the Thai fragrant rice as customers frequently bend to equate between the two perfumed rice varieties. He recommended that Cambodia’s “romduol” jasmine change has been chosen thrice as the “World’s best rice” and a exclusive brand could be settled based on “romduol”. Notwithstanding the experiments at home, some matters on the internationally are also posturing challenges to the Cambodian rice exporters, say experts.

Thailand’s vast rice pillories set with above expected outputs in many rice producing countries has place a plunging compression on global rice prices. Cambodian exporters say they cannot offer conciliation on prices to sell rice abroad.

According to data from the Secretariat of One Window Service for Rice, In the first ten months of 2014,Cambodia exported around 304,788 tons of rice, up about 3% from around 295,154 tons exported during the same period in 2013.Cambodia exported 379,856 tons of rice in 2013.

USDA quotes Cambodia to export 1 million tons of rice in 2014, down about 7% from around 1.075 million tons in 2013.