bielERMES, EU funded research project to investigate and develop Earth Observation (EO), crop modeling and smart technologies has completed its one year with the its achievements reported in the first annual meeting in March,2015.

The Project was developed to mainly focus on rice growing EU countries namely Italy, Spain and Greece.

The App basically provide information to the farmers regarding field scale information for agricultural practices, . The data will be provided to farmers with real time information related to rice fields.

Besides this app, the project has also been successful in developing a Phenological map to check rice crop growth. The maps are helpful in taking 250m spatial resolution satellites images acquired during rice crop growing season by using an algorithm designed specifically for rice crop growth monitoring. The outcomes are then analyzed on 2*2 km grid and hence provide information regarding average sowing, emergence and heading dates of rice crops within each cell.

These maps will be beneficial in providing information on the extent of area covered by rice crop cultivation at the beginning of rice crop growing season and at the end of rice crop growing season. The data therefore can be used by local governments, farmers, agri-based companies and regulatory agencies.

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