Environmental Protection Administration Rice Tender  provides Supply of rice, dal, oil, vegetables, spices, stationery, laundry-works & other goods. company is Environmental Protection Administration which is locsted in Wang Shih-Chi Environmental Protection Administration 83, Sec 1, Chung-Hwa Rd Taipei Taiwan( Taipei – Not Classified – Taiwan) .

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The attributes of procurement includes Products of agriculture, horticulture and market gardening.  Conduction of procurement is by itself. There is no Electronic auction. Type of procurement is open tendering. No Commercial goods or services. open tendering type of procurement. Award criteria is based on the basis of most advantageous tender. Only one time publication . There is no multiple award criteria. There is no disign-built contract and no inter entity supply contract. No negotiation.

All the supply of the vegetables , dal, oil, vegetable , stationary, laundary works etc all are supplied by the  Environmental Protection Administration Rice Tender .

Charge for electronic tender documentation is NT$20. There is no tender documentation for sell. There is no electronic submission for tender. there is optional items or follow up extensions. The language in tender is Traditional Chinese language. Supervision and anti corruption unit includes Taipei City Field Division of Investigation Bureau of Ministry of Justice , Agency against Corruption of Ministry of Justice , Central Procurement Supervision Unit. losing date of tender is 23rd June, 2014 11:59pm. No commercial goods or services. Complaint review board  for Environmental Protection Administration Rice Tender  is Complaint Review Board of Government Procurement of Public Construction.