The Egyptian government has decided to remove the ongoing  ban on rice export in the MY 2014-15.The Cabinet was observed quoted that they will allow the the rice export either until the end of September 2015 or until they reach a target of 1 million tonnes,whichever is easier.

In the year 20111,Egypt first time banned the rice export so that it can sufficiently supply rice under its food subsidy programme .In the year 2013, it banned the export despite having an annual exportable surplus of around 800,000 tons again prioriting the food subsidy programme.

In 2014,the new Minister of Supply as Internal Trade (MoSIT) has put forward his view to remove the ban on rice export as after the demand for Egyptian rice from outside and to help revive the country’s economy.

Estimaqtions of USDA revels that egypt in the MY 2014-15 (October – September) will produce 4.9 million tons of milled rice and export around 875,000 tons .