Effective Grain Storage Techniques by Dr Claus M. Braunbeck of FrigorTec Technologie GmbH

Dr. Claus M. Braunbeck
Dr. Claus M. Braunbeck

Dr. Claus Martin Braunbeck of FrigorTec, which provides worldwide solutions for grain cooling, room air conditioning, hay drying, insect heat treatment, heat pumps, and special cooling solutions interacted with Riceoutlook at the Rich Protech expo at Raipur and explained at length about his company’s presence and motive at the show. Dr. Braunbeck said that “this was the first time our company is in this region to serve the rice industry with our grain storage technology. With the high quality standards that begin with the development and production of the cooling units in Germany along with the service and sales support, we have established ourselves worldwide. Our German engineering capabilities and the cooling solution are very helpful for prevent food grains from fungus, beavers and insects and enhance food management skills to preserve the quality for long periods of time. Our grain cooling technology is especially suited for the tropical climate which is dry and hot in summers and hot and humid in monsoon. The two harvesting seasons in India pose many challenges for the safe, uncontaminated and long duration storage of rice. Our team of experienced engineers in process engineering, physical technology and refrigeration technology, provide tailored made solutions for your requirements. All devices are manufactured in our main factory in Amtzell, Germany.

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Dr. Claus M. Braunbeck who is Sales Manager for Asian region for Frigor Tec. Dr Claus is an agricultural engineer of Hohenheim University and specialized in rice with PH.D. On rice husk combustion and drying of paddy. In 2011, he joined Frigor Tec as sales and projecting manager for Asia where he did work already since 1993.

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FrigorTec took over the product range of refrigeration equipment from Axima Refrigeration GmbH (formerly Sulzer Escher Wyss). The new brand stands for a young company which draws on 50 years of experience. Experience which we use in the development and production for our customers.
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