Undersecretary of the Ministry of Agriculture Marketing, Carol Chehab Rouaiheb said rice importation is not permitted in Guayaquil.

Chehab indicates that after making the field monitoring a loss of 23% of the production of this cycle relative to the 2013 Winter evidence. “And in respect of milled rice price changes are not evident, which show that no difficulties reported domestic supply. “July Carchi, who preside over the Board of Irrigation Lomas America, agrees and says Chehab’s upcoming harvest in Duale, Saint Lucia, Palestine, Colimes and other areas, therefore calls on farmers to be vigilant against any attempt to import.

“There is no production to supply domestic demand, it is not necessary to import, that affect our economy,” he stressed at the event.

Industrial maintain their position and warn of an impact on prices.

Instead, Tulio Reyes, who has his peeler in Jujan, disagrees with the authority and explains that in the best case would pilados 500,000 quintals, including what needs to be harvested between July and August. “Is not it obvious that it is more than a million bushels?”.

“Let’s get to zero inventory and rice is going to be expensive; when the government decides to import will be late. Then they will not say we did not warn you, “he concluded

The industry has other figures and warns that the consumer could pay dearly for the greatest demand. Each year Ecuadorian consumes 46 kilos of rice and 22 kilos of potatoes