Italian Research InstituteAccording to a website, it has been highlighted that an Italian Research Institute Arioli Sas, based in Turin, has developed a new integrated technology system for growing rice. This system is called ‘mulching technique’ which helps to reduce the use of chemical fertilizers.

Further, in this system, it has been explained that it involves planting of rice with a pneumatic seed drill and with an application of degradable “eco-towels mulching” on each side of the plant at 30-35 centimeters deep in the ground using laying-towel machine. The towels are made of a special “oxy-photo-degradable” polymer based on the 12 micron thick polyethylene, with no terephthalates are used  in order to avoid accumulation in soils.

In addition, these towels get decomposed in the soil in 8-12 weeks and it controls the limit on the action of oxygen and sunlight on the rice plants which prevent the growth of weeds near the rice plants. Thus, it eliminates the need for using chemical fertilizers under this system.Shanti Agro Industries Pvt. Ltd. However, this system is said to be relatively little costly and so not many farmers have not used it so far.