Thai rice export to the West Africa is affetced due to the threat of the Ebola virus.

Vichai Sriprasert, honorary president of the Thai Rice Exporters Association said that it is very difficult to find cargo ships which can send their thai rice to Africa.At beginning they thought that it may not be a big issue. but now the rice export is being affected by the EBOLA as their crew team is fear of getting infected by the EBOLA viruses.

Africa is one of the leading rice market for the Thailand , particularly for parboiled rice.

In 2013, Thailand shipped 3.75 million tonnes of rice to the Africa.for the last six months this shipment has increased 140% to 3.29 million tonnes

Benin received 620,000 tonnes, followed by Ivory Coast  (420,000), Cameroon (357,000), Mozambique(240,000), Nigeria (228,000) and South Africa (248,000).     

Mr Vichai said that the threat for the EBOLA has put pressure on the rice prices.They have seen a decline in the rice prices from 13,000 baht a tonne last week to 12,500 baht and now 12,300 bah for thai 5% broken rice despite of the fact that the demand for the thai rice has increased after a strong purchase orders from China for more than 100,000 tonnes a month.

Thailand could sell 9 million tonnes of rice this year .China’s shipment includes more than 100,000 tonnes a month of newly developed Hom Mali rice .

Chookiat Ophaswongse, another honorary president of the association has said that with the partnership with Foreign Trade Department, they are able to win a deal of to sell 175,000 tonnes of 5% and 15% white rice  to Indonesia  under a government-to-government contract.

The military regime has stopped the sale of Thai rice due to the nationwide stock inspection of the rice stockpiles under Rice Pledging Scheme but now it has resumed the sale of 167,000 tonnes through auction and the bid successfully done and the next auction of 73,000 tonnes for 740 million baht will be sold under the next auction to be start within the next month