heavy rains in uruguyanaAs per local reports it has been indicated that the Uruguayan rice farmers have sown only 10%-11% of the total acreage or about 16,500 hectares of paddy this year as heavy rains had delayed rice sowing in major rice-growing regions. It has been narrated that normally about 162,000 – 165,000 hectares of land are planted during this season, which begins in middle of October and continues till November. Thus, it has been observed that the country’s pace of planting is lowest as for as during the last 5 years are concerned.

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Further, it has been indicated that the Uruguay is one of the world’s top 10 rice exporters as it has been reported by USDA and It exports over 90% of the rice produced. As per USDA estimates the Uruguay paddy rice planted at around 170,000 hectares in MY 2015-16 (April – March).However, it estimates that the Uruguay should produce about 990,000 tons of milled rice and export about 950,000 tons during the year.