Even though there is recent rain in California, still draught is casting its shadow here. DWR said that, they would provide water only to those, who posses senior water rights.
Settlement contractors and Sacramento and Feather Rivers would get half of the allocated water for their state. Senior right holders would be getting 40 percent share of the total quantity of federal contract. There was below normal rainfall from the three consecutive years due to which in California there was severe drought. Due to draught the peasants are facing great difficulties and shortage of water.
It is supposed that allocations could increase as the snowpack survey would be refreshed. This time senior rights holders, endangered species and wildlife refuges are getting preferred supply of water, rest all are under draught situation. It was too bad for medium-grain rice supply in the state. Official plans to update water supply always prove useless because every time new data is available. Over 2.4 million tons of rice was produced in 2013, in California. However even in harsh weather, it has not dropped below 2 million tons since 2005.
There is a Terrible draught seen in California so it has become the driest as seen in the record. Due to increase in population of the California from 23 millions to 42 millions nowadays, there must be proper water projects in this state.