Now we have with us  MR. T.A George Thomas , Marketing Manager, ORANGE Sorting Machines Pvt Ltd. ORANGE Sorting Machines (India) Pvt Ltd is an ISO 9001-2008 certified company with decade of experience in the field of vision based sorting system manufactures custom-made vision systems that meets its customers’ individual inspection needs.

Riceoutlook: What is the Story behind ORANGE becoming India’s No.1 brand in sorting machines and the vision for future?orange_logo

 Mr. George:  The Owners of the company is basically of technical background and core R&D personnel. Mr.A Zahir Hussain has been working in Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) in signal processing segment, which gives the core strength to the R&D. Further, they developed their machine from the scratch. Initially they developed 24 channels machine and then increased the capacity of the machine. Today ORANGE has a sophisticated Electronics and Mechanical R & D. We have installed 2600+ machines for rice and other commodities across India, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Nepal etc and counting

Riceoutlook: What was your market strategy to reach North India and then further to other parts of the world? What are your expansion plans?

 Mr. George: We appoint dealers, sales managers and conduct rice millers meet in all over India and participate in industry focused exhibitions to increase our market share. We get more of the market share through our customer reference and the word of mouth publicity. In North India the rice business has increased significantly and the millers are expanding their milling capacity from two tons per hour to 8 tons per hour and up. Since ORANGE is the leading brand in India and can give machine at par to foreign brands in terms of quality and quantity, we hope to have wide market penetration in North India.

Riceoutlook: Please share with us about the R&D Department of the company in detail?

 Mr. George: ORANGE has in-house Electronic and Mechanical R&D facility fully equipped with latest equipments to develop quality and efficient products that meet our customer needs. Also we have a real environment test facility where we test our machines in all parameters to ensure the achievement that can be promised by the machine.

Riceoutlook: What commodities can be sorted in your sorting machines and what are the benefits of using these machines?

CHROMA PLUS SORTING MACHINE,Chroma - Rice color sorting machine that gives good results and value for money. This series machines are equipped with 512 pixel camera and is capable of providing more quality output in less number of channels.

Mr. George: You can sort various food commodities like, Rice, Wheat, Channa Dhal, Moong Dhal split, Urad Dhal, Gum, Bargur, Tamarind Seed, Dehydrated Onion, etc

Riceoutlook: Please brief us on the various sorting machines marketed by you?

Mr. George: ORANGE currently markets Xsort, Camsort Plus, Chroma, Lumen, etc

Riceoutlook: Can you throw some light about your latest innovation – X sort – Multi Grain Sorting machine and how is it helpful to a rice grower?

Mr. George: By the name itself you can identify the machines nature. This machine can sort multiple commodities with simple settings change. This will be a very suitable machine who wish to start up a sorting job work plant and huge plants where they process multiple commodities

Riceoutlook: How do you ensure customer satisfaction and what services are provided to clients across the globe and how?

Mr. George: A telecalling team calls up every customer once in three months to find out how satisfied they are with our product and services. If they have any minor problems also the same is escalated to the concerned department and we follow up with them to get the problem resolved at the immediate. Also we have given our numbers to all the customers who are in whatsapp on their smart phone to connect to us for their issues and solutions given thereof

Riceoutlook: How do you leverage your human resource for being ahead of competition?

Mr. George: We have a dedicated HR department that takes care of recruiting and training of an employee. We conduct campus interviews and recruit suitable candidates and train them on their relevant field and once the candidate is confident to take up regular job he is allotted with responsibilities. Adequate amount of behavioral training is also given to the candidate

Riceoutlook: Finally, how optimists are you for ORANGE?

Mr. George: ORANGE is one of the long standing company with inbuilt R&D infrastructure that can take up new challenges and compete with well known foreign brands in terms of quality and reliability. Our Aim is to sell and install ORANGE color sorters in Japan that demands more quality in every product. We foresee to rule the Indian color sorter business in all commodities that requires vision inspection. ORANGE’s vision is to install our machine in every food processing industry of India.


At Last we thanks Mr George for devoting his valuable time for riceoutlook. We wound up the discussion with lots of blessing for Mr George.