Thai government adopted a policy of auction to sell the rice to clean up the rice stockpiles in the country but this was consider as a disappointing act as through these normal auctions ,the commerce ministry could sell only 240,000 tones from a total amount of 750,000 tones .

Commerce Minister Niwattumrong Boonsongpaisan said that the traditional methods which his ministry follows proposed to revise by the National Rice Policy Committee.

Under this proposal, if the rice has to sell to the directly to private or state-owned buyers, then the prices should be lower than that of the offered by the local bidder and there must be a contract signed for the export overseas.

Many foreign traders from China and the Middle East are showing interest in the Thai rice.

Also the commerce minister said that investigation has been started immediately for the rice export to the US which was rejected by the the US after detection of the inferior grade rice in the exported rice.

Opposition MP Varong Dejkitvikrom said the US had returned 32 tons of rice after finding it to be substandard.

The Commerce Minister said that if any of the rice exporters founds to export low quality rice than there would be serious punishment against him.