RiceoutlokAccording to the sources, researchers from the Indira Gandhi Agricultural University (IGAU) in India are developing rice containing Low Glycerine Index, which is said to be useful for Type 2 diabetic patients. A group of scientists are testing a locally developed rice variety called “Chapti Gurmatiya” which contains Low Glycerine Index, while examining response on rats. The findings of the tests are encouraging and the rice variety will be released shortly for public consumption.

Further, the Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Department of IGAU revealed that an Australian machine replicating the human intestine is being used for the rice testing. The cooked rice is put in the machine with enzymes to observe the impact on human-like gut. It has been added that the variety is also understood to be immune to many of the crop diseases and is known to produce a yield of about 40-45 quintal (around 4-4.5 tons) per hectares.

Indian Queen Basmati Rice Ad.
Indian Queen Basmati Rice

In this context, the researchers began testing of the rice in 2012. It was noted that this rice variety differs from the commercial brand sold for diabetic patients. Corporates sell ground rice which is unpolished. However, the researchers are developing the rice into the polished or white rice form preferred by majority of the population as quoted by the Principal Scientist. It was also informed that after the release of the current rice variety, they are planning to transfer the qualities of “Chapti Gurmatiya” into commercial rice varieties, including basmati, HMT and Swarna.